Regional Operations Manager- NY Metro

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Valid driver’s license in the country in which you are applying, 2-year minimum driving record required with a clean driving history. You will serve as the liaison between the head office and field teams and will be responsible for all aspects of an NSO including making sure the site opens on time and to Tesla standards. Develop and maintain workplace operating budgets and provide reporting to the...

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Amazing work culture centered around what s best for you Really takes care of their employees Surrounded by innovation and great management People actually work as a team Hard work is recognized Excellent benefits holidays and PTO Compensation is in line with comparable positions Great work life balance
Communication between departments could be much better which would clear up certain concerns among customers Completely ineffective HR department There are more meetings than I expected from this kind of company Elon sent a great email about how wasteful meetings are but people have fallen into old bad habits Everything s urgent and people try to name drop that Elon s watching this very project so I need to stop everything for them Luckily those of us who have been around for a while see right through that charade Revolving door It s hard to last more than a couple of years here
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