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TLG provides a great work environment With an open floor plan the office has many ways employees are able to reduce every day stress We have a basketball hoop in our office and most days we also have puppies running around as Leslie is on the Board for the Guide Dog Foundation Employees are permitted to bring in their dogs as long as they are well behaved Employees are extremely supportive of each other and everyone gets along well which makes coming to work a pleasure every day While the office atmosphere and layout is relaxing it fosters more creativity thus allowing employees to be more productive I m very happy working here
Since I ve only been here about 6 months the only thing I have observed is maybe adding more staff members to alleviate some of the workload but I believe this is already known and is currently being addressed However as stated above employees are extremely supportive of each other and are always willing to help each other out if the plate gets piled too high
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