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I have had a great experience working at Rockwell Group I think mainly because I was at the right studio I have heard that depends on which studio you ended up with your life could be very different I was lucky enough to be placed in a studio with a very open minded studio leader who genuienly cares about people in his studio The result of having a great studio leader is that majority of the people in the studio he hired are very respectful kind creative and easy to work with The resources in Rockwell Group is a great asset for employees They have a magnificient library resourceful librarian autoCAD guru in house IT team in house printing techinician well connected PR team helpful HR team and lovely receptionists All these support really make your life easier
Hours are long in Rockwell Group There are a lot of projects but not enough people Most people will have 2 4 on going projects on their hands Althought people don t have to stay late everyday whenever there is a deadline most team will start to stay late till 9pm 12am a week before the deadline Senior designers stay late more often than junior and intermediate because they have more projects on hand
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