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Or equivalent from an accredited Paramedic training program, Paramedic Certification as defined within the state in which contract exists  Current certification in health care provider ARC or AHA Advanced Life Support required Experience:.  Prepares required reports and maintains records of activities  May drive mobile unit to and from emergency scene  Cleans assigned emergency vehicle ...

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I have worked for Premise Health for well over 10 years This organization has grown tremendously over the years and seen significant change This keeps each day exciting and brings new challenges No two days are alike in a great way I have had many opportunities over the years to work with a variety of committed and talented team members and to grow as a professional The executive leadership team is 110 dedicated to the success of the organization and humbly is building a tremendous employer based healthcare company There have been several mergers and acquisitions over the years some more disruptive than others The eHS acquisition in 2017 has by far been the most exciting for the organization as it is a true subsidiary of Premise that has been allowed to grow with independence while getting all the best levels of support from Premise such as IT Security Medical Operations Legal and Human Resources I have found that by keeping a servant mentality building a team based culture with appreciation hard work and a commitment to our client that like minded individuals stay on for the long haul and truly find a career with purpose
There is frequent change in the organization To some this is a con however it can truly be an opportunity to leverage career growth and transition if you are open to it Premise is a matrix organization so it can take time to learn how to effectively navigate Having a go to veteran resource can really help with this challenge
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