Front Desk Receptionist/Office Assistant

Posted Tue, 25 Jun 2019 19:43:14 GMT - 21 days ago

Summary of Front Desk Receptionist/Office Assistant job

Front Desk Receptionist. This job includes answering the phone, processing certification cards for students as well as scanning rosters and varied daily responsibilities. This person will be the first person all students will see so a welcoming demeanor is required. The applicant we are looking for must be professional and courteous on the phone....

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Easy phone work and simi private work space and reasonable schedule
Management is demeaning at times and unprofessional when dealing with subordinates In addition nepotism and favoritism seems to be part of policy There is no clear path to promotion and reviews and any complaints made by caller are one way discussion and employees must consent Performance number are hidden and expectation are inconsistent and often contradictory
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1.6 based on 3 reviews
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