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Posted Mon, 04 Feb 2019 22:02:45 GMT - 17 days ago
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Ability to communicate effectively, speak persuasively, develop rapport and develop effective relationships. Provides technical guidance in identifying, evaluating and developing systems and procedures that are cost effective and meet user requirements. Ensures compliance with terms of land and lease agreement provisions and with local, state and federal regulations and tariff provisions....

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Generally good pay and benefits for everyone Work isn t too hard or stressful for most though outages can get a bit crazy at times Generally though the pace is very steady and manageable Lots of good people and coworkers Cool place to work
Outages can get a bit wild for most Thankfully they only last about a month per year Communication and planning can get spotty at times Nuclear work culture isn t for everyone It s not like working anywhere else The pressure stress and workloads of the outages can turn some good people into rabid warewolves especially some managers Thankfully once the outage ends the workloads are deliberately reduced for several weeks after and everybody goes back to normal A higher than average number of work related and OSHA recordable injuries especially during the outages
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