Trading Operations Analyst/Investments - Jersey City

Posted Thu, 31 Jan 2019 20:09:15 GMT - 21 days ago

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As a more experienced team member, you are capable of driving continual improvement and impacting the way that things get done. This position involves a wide array of support to equity, index, asset allocation and fixed income equity and fixed income traders and portfolio managers, special projects and administrative tasks. The retail mutual funds include a broad range of equity and fixed income...

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You can learn so much from so many people It s been said that a year of experience at AIG is the equivalent of 3 years anywhere else Great benefits Amazing PTO 401k OK health benefits
If you work hard you will be recognized but not rewarded The harder you work the more work you get dumped on you but don t expect a raise or promotion Moving more and more to offshore servicing centers This would be fine if they were adequately trained but after 3 5 years they STILL have questions on the most basic things There was camaraderie throughout the floor and everyone had each other s back new management is changing that
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